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Lecture 17

BIO200 Lecture 17

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Mc Intyre Burnham

Lecture 17 November-12-13 5:15 PM - Ex. Alcohol, nicotine On the counter - aspirin like drugs, cough syrup Herbal - Induce liver, even though not much therapeutic effect Lectures Page 1 - When two drugs work on the mechanism of action, on the same receptor - Ex: apply morphine and antagonist at the same time compete for same receptor - Alcohol and coffee work (opposite effect) - One dose perfectly balance the other Binds to receptor and causes physiological change Doesn’t cause any physiological change at receptor level; can cause ***agonist Morphine - full agonist; nelorphine has much lower analgesic activity, a partial agonist Not common, has physiological effect but effect is opposite from what you would expect Diazepam - binds to benzodiazepine receptor.. Full agonist; increase Cl floods Effect of one drug is added to the effect of other drug If you take beta - blockers at the same time, additive - this is often what we see Help each other's effect, Drugs that work at different receptors Lectures Page 2 Combine 2.. Less effect, they counteract one another Works with GABA h channel and GABA a channel but binds to Almost impossible to kill yourself with, unless you inject different site Nalorphine is so much weaker than morphine that it takes most the binding site Fast acting Muscle reactant Two drugs were reacting in the syringe before administering Lectures Page 3 Both comes out of solution Stomach = 2, aspirin will become ion trapped, they accept proton Stop diarrhea Slow down GI tract keep things trapped in the stomach Speed up GI tract Get stuff going through GI tract very fast Lectures Page 4 (resulting by diarrhea) You may fail to absorb other drugs that are supposed to be actively transported Slow heart, lower blood pressure Effect on high extraction drug Basis of drug interaction Displacer competes successfully Pigment from remnants of infant blood, liver cant get rid of it An acid, if you take another acid it can displace and enter the brain Warfarin - drug interaction with other drug - Anti-clotter, small Vd Lectures Page 5 Active transport of drug out of body and brain
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