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#15 Excitation inhibition and integration

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EXCITATION INHIBITION AND INTEGRATIONNa is for depolarizing membrane potential depends on the most permeable ion For it to be hyperpolarizing the most permeable ion has to be more negavtive than resting potentialeven if B is ve depolarizing it can still be inhibitory and thus AB is still smaller than Ano NET ion flow through open channels still ions flowingExperimentcurrent source controls the membrane potentialstimulate the nerve at differnet membrane potnetials as membrane potential increases depolarization decresease membrane potential at 0 there is no NET synaptic currens REVERSAL POTENTIALunlike voltage gated which is selective both Na and K can flow through it At 90mv only Na goes into the cell causing depolarization No K movements because its at eqbm at 90At 50mv a lot of Na goes into the cell not as much as at 90 bc of the reduced concentration gradient And now a little K goes out of the cell bc its not at eqbm now Smaller depolarization results bc not as much Na is going and a little K leaving other words less ve charge is entering the membraneAt 0 mv Ions flowing but equal amounts of K and Na going in and out Not net synaptic currents This is the definition of reversal potentialAt 25 mv The membrane potential is about equal to the
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