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Lecture 10

BIO314H5 Lecture 10: Lec 10 Notes

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George S Espie

Lecture 10 Notes • Lab Report- Sample with antibody not bound- protein doesn’t exist or very different to be recognized by the antibody • Western Blot- protein present or absent- one discrete band or more • Reason to explain why different protein profiles are observed that differ in muscles in Commassie gel- dependent on what function it serves • Gibson Assembly- assemble large molecules of proteins • Number of transcriptomes grown exponentially- reason- genome from a closely related organism for the assembly so the process is faster (part of the jigsaw is there) • Introns, spliced, coding sequences = proteins • What decides when the protein will be made? Promoter • Controlling sequences outside the promoter region provide instructions when proteins will be made- these sequences turn on the genes that change the sequence into proteins • Use sequence info and experiments to determine how to control genes • Importance of non-coding RNA- never makes protein- micro RNA- long coding RNA- interactions of proteins • How similar/dissimilar protein is to compare sequences- determine functions • Genomes are packaged- wrapped around proteins- histones- cannot be accessed easily- cannot be transcribed- cannot be used by proteins- looking at where histones bind and how can they be exposed to polymerase= developmental potential • Urban reading frames- using algorithms • Controlling expressions and how much of protein is made- transcription at genomic level- when DNA is open and not packaged • Protein-protein interactions – info publically available
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