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Communication, Culture and Technology
Michael Jones

01 Introduction An Example  What is advertising? o There is a promotional element  What is marketing? o You realize the needs and wants  How does being online change both? o From advertising point of view – online media has not stuck quite well. People get annoyed with the presence of online advertisements. Everyone is trying to figure out the best way for advertising, but nothing is sticking o The second is cost on advertising revenue. It does not seem like nothing is getting better. There are some Facebook ads that are intrusive, not successful, and very bizarre. o i.e. You are a Pakistani, when you are not  How does it integrate into other media spaces? o By not integrating with traditional media, they created something new and interesting. Nowadays, you see news channels that trend on Twitter, viral videos, etc. They are interlinked and not intrusive to one another Importance of Course  Traditional media decline = divergence of resources o There are places where they do not have newspapers because the amount of money to produce newspapers and the resources is much higher than what people are paying for them  People who create content expect the reward for their services  Online ads now exceed print worldwide o Obama builds a community of practice in social media rather than just giving them information (not one sided anymore) 
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