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Rahul Sethi

General Ideas About Writing Communication is the job of the writer, not the reader: ○ The reader is the one that extracts the meaning. ○ The writer is meant to make this extraction of meaning as simple as possible for the reader. Writing is human psychology: ○ We make a connection from self to other. We express our ideas, our concerns, our history, our awareness, our story, with another. What do we require most to make this connection fruitful? Credibility: We must earn the trustof the reader. ● We must also keep them interested. ● We must keep them engaged. This is also part of the connection. How do we create and maintain credibility? And how do we keep the reader interested and engaged? How do we make and sustain the connection? By using... The Four Basic Principles of Good Prose: 1) Economy 2) Directness 3) Detail 4) Voice Interfering Factors Just as there are techniques to enhance your writing, there are also factors that interfere with good writing. The following interfere with the Economy and Directness of good prose: 1) Wordiness 2) Dead Verbs 3) Clichés 4) Passive Voice These are things editors know to look for. By simply removing these interfering factors from your writing, you automatically make your prose more Economical, and Direct. Wordiness Continued: Wordiness is characterized by the use of many, or too many words. - By not taking the time to seek out the one perfect word, the writer stumbles to create the meaning they desire with too many generic words. - Writing should not be wordy; it should be detailed and straightforward - Simple ideas should be conveyed simply. Even complex ideas should be conveyed simply in as little words as possible. Forms of Wordiness: 1.Redundancy 2. Phony Intensifiers 3. Stretchers 4. Thickeners. Redundancy 1. Redundancy—Repeating the same idea twice. Hard to believe, but this is done “most often” in the same sentence. Examples: advance notice long in size circled around dash quickly new innovation shuttle back and forth personal friend advance planning share in common deliberate lie set of tw
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