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FSC239 Oct 5 2010

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Forensic Science
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FSC239thOctober 5Bloodstain Pattern Analysis BPAThe size of the shapes sizes and location of bloodstains in order to determine the physical events which gave rise to their originex the BibleCain and Ableex Magna Cartacriminal caught red handed 800 years oldex Macbeth ex A Study in ScarletcoverWhat is bloodblood is the connective tissue that consists of cells suspended in a liquid matrixthe average adult has about 5 litres over 5 quarts of continuously circulating bloodplasma the liquid portion of blood90 watero495 of all blood is waterblood can break down at the crime sceneseparation of serumSurface Tensionthis property is the result of the cohesive forces between the molecules of the liquideverything wants to stick together on a molecular levelattractionViscosityfluids lack the ability to support a shearing stress they can be pouredvery viscous fluids have a high coefficient of viscosity4555 viscosity ratingblood is
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