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Lecture 12

GGR202H5 Lecture 12: RLG Opening Questions and Answer

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Nicole Laliberte

RLG Opening Questions & Answers September 11 th • Give 4 specific examples of how sports may be connected to religion  The cult status of football heroes, the veneration of teams, the sacredness of football grounds and mysticism and magic associated with game suggest something that could be said like religion (Nye 2008, 16) • Explain the “religious” meaning of fire in two different rituals  Hindu’s use fire to get married (to be with each other for another seven lives)…this is not to keep themselves warm, but they interpret the action as representing the path they will be walking through life together as a new couple (Nye 2008, 134) How Sikh’s are cremated upon death so that their souls rest in peace Olympics ceremony -- fire represents power & strength. A guy stole fire from one of the gods and gave it to his people. September 18 th • What is “syncretism” and why is it a problem for the “world religions” approach? Syncretism is a word (which refers to religious mixing) that is often considered to be offensive and insulting, implying a process of watering down or even bastardisation (this is why it’s a problem for world religions, from Nye’s text on page 53). It is the merging of different inflectional varieties of a word during the development of a language (this definition if from Google) Syncretism is the merging of elements from different religions (328, Derry) because of this many Native North American traditions have been deeply influenced by Christianity; some African rituals have been incorporated elements of Islam; the sacred oral stories of Japanese Shinto became written texts under the influence of Chinese Buddhism (328, Derry) religions change and none of them are exactly as they use to be (Derry, 328) • How might a sacred text be considered both religious and non-religious? September 25 th • Using James Cox’s definition, explain how something can be both religious AND not religious? James Cox’s definition: “The view of religion underlying this chapter is one that focuses on the beliefs, experiences, and practices of specific communities with respect to non-falsifiable realities”  religious: -may not be possible to prove them right and hard to prove them false as well RLG Opening Questions & Answers -they traffic the unseeable, the untouchable, the unmeasurable distinction between science and religion—religion had no scientific components or science could not function as religion for some people an example of something being religious and non-religious (using James Cox) - WINE - in christianity, it's just an ordinary alcoholic beverage, but when you take it outside of it's material reality into a spiritual religious context, it becomes sacred wine that represents the blood of Christ the Red Willows poem - religious bc it tells the story of how the land was formed - non-religious bc it tells you if you eat too much bear meat you'll have diarrhea (lol) and the stories are always about lessons and relationships (which is non-religious) • Give two examples showing how the internet may be helping to cause religious hybridity and change.  October 2 nd • Explain Althusser’s ideas about “repressive state apparatus” and “interpellation” using lyrics from today’s song the repressive state apparatus: army, police, prisons, courts, governments,…together act through force and violence or threat of violence (a way which enables ruling group to exercise power over population)—pg 65, Nye concept of interpellation: is the process by which people act under ideology without realising that their seemingly “free” actions are so controlled –pg 67 Nye  The song was: “Daydreamin” by Lupe Fiasco with Jill Scott (2006).. The lyrics are: Daydream I fell asleep beneath the flowers For a couple of hours On a beautiful day Daydream I dream of you amid the flowers For a couple of hours Such a beautiful day [Lupe Fiasco] As I spy from behind my giant robot's eyes I keep him happy 'cause I might fall out if he cries Scared of heights so I might pass out if he flies Keep him on autopilot 'cause I can't drive Room enough for one I tell my homies they can't ride Unless they sittin on the shoulders but that's way too high Let's try not to step on the children The news cameras filmin RLG Opening Questions & Answers This walkin project buildin Now there's hoes sellin hoes like right around the toes And the crackheads beg at about the lower leg There's crooked police that's stationed at the knees And they do drive-bys like up and down the thighs And there's a car chase goin on at the waist Keep a vest on my chest I'm sittin in my room as I'm lookin out the face Somethin to write about I still got some damage from fightin the whitehouse, just a Daydream I fell asleep beneath the flow
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