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University of Toronto Mississauga
Jeffrey O' Leary

Population Geography Lecture 1Definition Population Geography is the study of the ways in which spatial variation inthe distribution composition migration and growth of population are related to the nature of places Ogden 2001 599Spatial variation means that population is different in different places and they are different in terms of distribution composition migration growthThe nature of places means that places have characteristics that affect how people live in those placesPopulation Geographers study groups of people and how and why they grow and shrink This is done at different scales Local Mississauga Regional Ontario NationalCanada International The World Scale refers to relative sizePopulation for a placeFormulaPopulation ChangeFertilityMortalityMigrationEach of these is measurableThe people who measure fertility mortality and migration rate are demographersDemography is the statistical analysis of PopulationsWhy do population geographyFormulaPopulation ChangeFertilityMortalityMigrationDemography studies the numbers QuantitativePopulation Geography studies the meaning behind the numbers Qualitative Note Population Geography also uses the demographic numbersPopulation Geography is about the meaning theory and explanation the whys ofpopulations and why population changes Important geographical issues we hear about in human geography are related to patterns of growthFor exampleUrbanization IndustrializationResource usage Globalization
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