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Jennifer Dean

Migration POPULATION TRENDSPopulation growthdecline depends on 3 factors o Number of births cbrtfr o Number of deaths cdrle o MigrationNatural increase only accounts for births and deaths not for migration NI BRDR o Increase in population because births exceed deathsPopulation change accounts for all 3 factorsEXAMINING CANADAS POPULATIONIncreasing since last 50 yearsProjected increase of population to 2051INCORPORATING MIGRATION19001911 increase in migration to account for population growth19501960 mass immigration accounted more for population growth than NICanada depends on migration for population growth since our fertitiliy and birth rates are decliningRELEVANT CONCEPTSMigration permanent movement o Movement of individualspopulations involving a permanent ie Australia to Canada or semipermanent moving away to workgo to school change of residence o Act of moving from one regionlocalecountry to another o People always on the move o Temporary shortlong term or permanent o 3 part processDecision to moveEvent of crossing borderLife after border crossingo MigrantEmigrant person who moved from a placeImmigrant person who moves to a placeForced or voluntarilyo Visible minority person who doesnt share same physical characteristic with majority population ethnicityIe white vs nonwhiteVisible minority status does not always imply immigrant status and vice versa o Diaspora a community outside of homelandie Chinese population in Canada China townLittle Italy o XenophobiaFear of foreignersstrangersBecame more predominant after 911 Fear of Muslims because of the terrorist connection Form of racism that targets new comers communities Mobility Any movement o Any form of geographical movement temporarypermanent o Some populations have more mobility that othersLess mobile when older ie cant drive not physically capableInternal migration o Movement within same region o Interprovincial migrationInternational migration o Movement across geopolitical bordersIS MOVING A CHOICEForced vs voluntary migrationImmigrants choice in migration process o Voluntarily choose to cross the borderMay have limited choiceo Planned o Choose destinationDisplaced persons and refugees no choice o Forced to leave homecountry o Emergency or urgent moving conditionso Little say on destinationCATEGORIES OF MIGRANTS Immigrants o Planned move o May return o Economic migration o Family reunificationInternally displaced persons o Unplanned o May be able to returno Environment refugeesNatural disasters ie droughts in Africa Tsunami PollutionConvention refugees o Unplanned o Cannot return o Forced to leave country for personal securityRaceReligionNationalityNationalitySocial group memberPolitical group memberGender Canada was the first country to accept refugees based on gender inequalityWHY DO PEOPLE MOVEPush factors source countryPush people out of their native countryo Lack of jobs o Loss of wealth o Familydroughto Civil unrestwar o Natural disasters o Discriminationpersecution o Lack of social services healtheducation o Few courtship opportunitiesPull Factors host country
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