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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Gabrielle Sauter

Lecture 6 Kyoto Protocol 2005-2012 in action. in 2013 a second period of action -countries weere divided into groupsannex 1 countires, annex 2 countires, and non-annexed annex 1 was industrialized countries and transitional countries (eastern european) annex 2 is a subdivison of annex 1 are only INDUSTRIALIZED countries (USA in both 1 and 2) non-annexed = devleoping coutnries annex 2 have to contirubte to their coutnry and the developing coutnries annex 1 is for decreasing 5.2% below 1990 standard in that coutnry nonannexed not have to reuce emission unless been iven enough tech and funding (ex. argnetiana decided reduce anyway) -emitters can buy permits or can emit in a wasy permitted by IFCCC - signed it in 1997, ratified agreement in 2002, and then undid all thatemitting 26% more than 1990 numbers (in 2006) Kyoto’s Mechanism -emissions trading: trading amount of carbon or emissions that are allowed to be produced - trading amount of carbon or emissions that are allowed to be produced -clean development mechanism: ex. comapny from canada can go to brazil and can implement a wind farm adn that can relieve the emissions from coal -joint implementation: didn’t hear The context for alternatives - Context for alternatives: -roles of science and technology in terms of environmental conservation -carbon-trading, environmental ceritfications, -Some of critics argue that process only confirm that northern countries unwilling to change ways, didnt fundamentally change distribution of ressources between north and south, also consumption levels bewtween north and south Climate Justice - Climate Justice: -recognizes the most responsible for climate change are not the ones which are most vulnerable to the changes -droughts, heavvy rain, rising sea levels, crop failuire, storms, flo
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