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Lecture 10

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Gabrielle Sauter

Lecture 10 Water and sanitation in cities in the south 1 billion people who dont have acces to clean drinking water -2.5 billion people who dont have access to sanitation -more people in the world own cell phone sthen have access to sanitation -its jsut a matter of nbot being able to have sanitation where htye live -large scale agriculture takes up alot of water (70% of the worlds fresh water) -also gargabe collection -1 out of 4 children under the age of 5 are dying as a result of water contimination -80% of those ill is due to water Housing and gender housing is intimately related to water and many of those housings in slums have inadequate water access -in some places the rich pays less for water than those in poorrer areas because of where they live. its easeri to get acces for water -example rich area gets water rather than in infoirmal settlements buying from street vendors -gender: women are especially impacted by santiation (because they spend more time in the house and thus have to deal with their childrens secrete -also women spend alot of their
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