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Gabrielle Sauter

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-more flexible (companies who can will and those who cant will pay) -this will eventually go down -companies will take it more seriously -market-led mechanisms are bound to happen (supply and demand) --we cant legally bind anyone -some govts will be lax and wont take the proper steps to sustainable dev. -this will cause a domino effect where one country that doesn participate then many others wont want to -legislation leads to the failure of companies -real tangible results. Govts can put programs to emasure actual emsisions (ex. All cars sold in cali have to meet emissions standards). Emissions translated to taking certain amount of cars throughout the year. Remove coal power plants. Technology alternatives . gets to the root core of the problem. Govt and people to the govt. -govts can have different standards and thus some countries may not reliably meet sustainable development standards. Countries may not even participate. -there actually is atangible number. For exa
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