6 Jan 2011
Russia wanted nopantalia? For itself
Climiate was easy in cape town d u tch farmers were called boe rs
They had se cure and prosperous life but they had been there since 1600s, their religion
was protestants extremely fundamentalist took bible literally
Justification of using native ppl as forced labour in bible they took it literal ly labour on
farms werenative ppl
Britain occupied 1806? From napoleon wars fro m congress of viennna 1815 biritish
abolished in 1833 slavery bound to be conflict because the boers werent going to give
up their slaves they were justifiting their system by their religion its not arguebale so
they left- question of faith they had “god on their sidemoved north to they ha le d
wagons with ox carts up the plato velt 3 years 1834 to 1837 to get up there incredible
haul when they got there they just shot the natives an d took over the territory used
them for their lab o u r
Britain didnt mind if they used the native recog nized the independence of t he boers
sand river co nvinciton 1852
As british commerce expanded and as age of imperial i sm expanded Britain was looking
for a port on the Indian port
1872 bought somethin g which was bargain because there was diamonds
Boers built their own railway ou t to the Indian ocean doesnt go to Britain territory
Krouger presiden t idol of boers someone wanted to vote
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