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Lecture 6

LIN102H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Subcategorization

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Arsalan Kahnemuyipour

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Syntax II
- Merge: combines words following the X’ schema
- To avoid suggesting two separates ‘can’
- This operation moves the auxiliary in T to a new position in front of the subject
- This analysis has two advantages:
o 1. We can maintain the unique position for the modal
o 2. We can capture the connection between the declarative and the yes-no question
- The T moves to the C position
o We take the position that all TPs occur within a CP, where C contains information
about whether the sentence is a statement or a question
o In embedded clauses, C is realized overtly as that in statements and if/whether in
o We take a +Q feature to be present in C in matrix
o This is when T moves to C
- In some language, the Q feature is spelled out as a separate morpheme
- In English, embedded clauses where something is already in C you do not get the
o C is filled with if/whether, T-to-C movement is impossible
*He asked [cp if can the cat climb the tree]
D(eep) and S(urface) Structures:
- Can is in T then moves to C
- Shows the original position of things; the merge positions D(eep)
o All based off x’
- S(urface) structure,
Do insertion:
- Q: how do you form the question for the following sentence? “The students love syntax”
- The problem is that there is nothing in T to move to C. English circumvents this problem
by inserting ‘do’, known as Do Insertion
WH movement;
- What kind of verb is “eat”?
- Eat needs an object is its subcategorization requirement
o The movement of WH
- What is the landing site for the WH-phrase?
- Specifier of CP is where What moves
- +WH (moves to the specifier of CP) and +Q (move T to C)
- in English if the noun comes after the WH it goes all together at the end
- which books did you buy?
- Do insertion
WH- movement
- Doesn’t have to be an object
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