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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Political Science
Peter Loewen

Thursday February0212 POL111 Lecture 5 Canada in a Comparative Perspective Necessary and Sufficient Conditionsbasic formal logic helps us understand why certain countries are democracies Formal Logic Determinants of DemocracyOne argument is that some countries become democratic becaue they have a suitable culture while others do not another argument is that it is about economics Necessary and Sufficient Conditions o Cause and effecto Necessary says when you have the effect you have to have the cause o Sufficient conditiona condition that is good enough for the effect but doesnt have to be there for the effect Necessary Condition o Something which there is an event there has to be a cause o Example if there is fire event there must be oxygen necessary condition o Showing up in class for the class is a necessary condition for doing well on the exam o Being a human being is a necessary condition for being a citizens ie You cant be an animalo Water is necessary for survival Figure 21 o If there is E there has to be C without C there is no E and if E is there C has to be there Sufficient Conditions o Example Fire is sufficient for smoke if there is fire there is always smokeo Jumping is a sufficient condition for your feet to leave the ground o Is being a human being sufficient for being a Canadian citizen No because there are 6 million people in the world but they are not all Canadianso Showing pu for an exam is the sufficient condition for doing well in the course1
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