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Lecture 17

lecture 17 IPCE reading notes

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Political Science
Todd Hall

POL208 – Reading Notes (IPCE) Lecture 17 Development and Gender • The Persistence of Global Poverty o Relative Poverty  ‘Global North’and ‘Global South’ • North has 20% of people and 80% of resources, South has 80% of people and 20% of resources o Absolute Poverty  Three explanations for any particular famine related to the balance b/w the supply and demand for food: • Fall in the food supply • Increase in the demand for food • Disruptions to the normal distribution of food  Liberals believe that democracy saves people as well as empowers them and that democratisation in the world will help in the fight against famine o Hunger  Globalists tend to pin blame for hunger on poor governance in the countries concerned  Anti-globalists tend not to blame the gov’ts of malnourished peoples for their plight as they see them as essentially powerless in the face of global economic structures  Alter-globalists don’t accept that hunger is inevitable in a capitalist world economy but argue that global pol failings are still culpable for the persistence of poverty • Approaches to Development o The Orthodoxy  Argues that it can be eradicated by those countries affected taking steps to replicate economic development of the kind experienced by Global North states  Rostow’s five states of economic growth • Traditional society, preconditions for take-off, take off, drive to maturity, age of high mass consumption o Radical Changes  The poor states of the world would be better off cutting themselves off from the Global North and concentrating on developing their own resources  Wallerstein’s notion of periphery, semi-periphery and core states o Reformist Challenges  Needs-Oriented Growth • Progress necessitates more than a growth of GDP per capital since this might be just enriching a small elite in a country • Devised ‘Human Development Index’(HDI) to rank country’s progress  Gender-Neutral Growth • Industrialisation tends to fa
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