PSY240H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Grey Matter, White Matter, Byrsonima Crassifolia

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10 Jan 2017
Termin o lo gy
abnorma l psychology- study of me nta l disorde r
include s ps ychopa thology and ps ychopa thological dysfunction
ps ychopathology- study of me nta l illne s s
Ps yc h o lo g ic a l Dis ord e r
def: a ps ychologica l dysfunction within an individua l associa te d with distress or impa irme nt in
us ua lly displa ys a re s pons e that is not typica l or cultura lly expe cte d
ex: 16 ye a r old jodie was re fe rre d to an a nxie ty clinic due to e xce ssive e xpe rie nce s
fa inting in a da y (4-5 time s a day), jodie s a ys 2 yea rs prior, tea che r s howe d vide o of frog
dis s e ction, jodie felt naus e ous a nd que a s y, s he sa ys since then it ha s gotten wors e , now if
she s e e s anything e ven minority grue s ome like blood s he would fe e l dizzy and naus e ous ,
and in re ce nt months she would pa s s out
ex: having a fe a r of da tes vs. ha ving a fe a r of going on a date with s omeone your frie nds
think is da ngerous
not all impa ireme nt or dis tre ss is cons ide re d natura l
ex: crying a nd be ing upset after the los s of a loved one is cons idere d norma l be ha viour
in jodie s exa mple s he experie nce d distress a nd impa irme nt that was unna tura l
So cio Cu ltu ra l Co n te xt
abnorma lity ca n only e xis t in refe re nce to the ir socia l or culture context/norms
it is ok to s a y tha t s ome one is a bnorma lly ta ll, be ca us e they are talle r tha n the avera ge
popula tion
abnorma lity ma y als o refe r to s ome thing that goes aga ins t social norms
ex: someone who is mumbling whe n s tudying
one culture might think this is normal be ca use he is “thinking out loud”
anothe r culture might think it is a bnorma l be caus e a spirit tha t took ove r their body and is
ma king the m ta lk out loud
Leve ls of Ana lys is
socie ty doe s not ofte n choos e to see a ps ychologica l disorde r as a me dica l condition
often times stigmatize d= dis honoured/disgra ce d
His tory
3 major his torica l mode ls
supe rna tura l mode l-
biologica l mode l
ps ychologica l mode l
Su pe rn a tu ral Mode l
externa l a ge nt (outs ide body) ca n influe nce thoughts , actions a nd feelings
ex: spirits , souls, the moon
often conclude d tha t a person is large ly res pons ible for their own dis orde r
ex: punis hable de e ds in the pa s t
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