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Lecture notes for "Women's Bodies" sorted under slide titles :)

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Ayesha Khan

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Women’s Bodies
Movie: The vagina monologue
-vagina warrior – women who have gone through some severe trauma but rather than use
weapons or techniques that hurt others, these warriors keep their feelings inside and embrace the
grief – then make sure they do things so that this thing never happens again
-should know how to pronounce the latin word so you can sound out the word when you are
writing it in your short answer
-prof will provide some
The vulva
-the entire external genital area – the vulva
Mons veneris
-fatty tissue covered with hair
-acts as a cushion during the act of sex itself
-the hair traps bacteria so it doesn’t go down to regions that are very sensitive to harmful
-hair also traps odours
Labia majora
-fatty tissue cushioning from any external pressure
Labia minora
-lots of glands which means there is possibility for excretions
-lots of nerve endings – associated with pleasure
-blood vessels
Within the vulva we have the vestibule which we have another category of structures (clitoris,
urethral opening, introitus)
-there are also 2 glands called the Bartholin’s glands
-part of the vestibule depending on the book you are reading
-glans – sits very near the external part of the clitoral hood
-associated with the clitoral hood which covers the clitoris
The Dissection of the Vulva
Corpus cavernosum of clitoris
-erectile tissue – lots of blood flowing there because of many blood vessels and nerve
-hood of clitoris involved in secretions
Vestibular bulb
-involved in erectile tissue
-curved mass that surrounds the vestibule
-erection of vestibular bulb during sex is that it lengthens and stiffens the vaginal opening

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Bartholin’s gland
-noted that there are secretions in this gland prior to orgasm in some women
-associated with the clitoris (ischi muscle and bulbospong muscle)
Isch – contracts clitoris
Bulbo – Runs down and surrounds vaginal opening
-also contracts
-one speculation about tightening is to increase the pleasure associated with vaginal penetration
Female Circumcision / Female Genital Cutting / Female Genital Mutilation
-goal is to remove any sexual pleasure that can be had
The Hymen is Highly Variable in Structure
-tissue that covers the vaginal opening
-sensitive and can rupture very easily
Urethral opening
-excrete urine
Dissection of the Vulva
-don’t know the function of the bartholin’s gland
-people have speculated the secretions neutralize the pH environment (vaginal environment is
acidic which sperm don’t like)
Pubococcygeus muscle
-a muscle that connects to the pelvic floor
-also involved in contractions
-these contractions that occur are involved in lengthening in vaginal opening in more of
an indirect way
Keegle (sp?) exercises
-pubococ become stronger and maintain elasticity of vaginal opening
The Female Reproductive Tract
-vaginal canal has 2 different developmental origins
-lower portion – what is connected to vaginal opening
-upper portion – connects to uterus
-urethral opening connected to uretha canal aka urethra
-where pregnancy sustains itself and the fetus develops
-outer layer of uterus – perimetrium
-layer between vaginal opening and anus – perineum
-toward bottom of vagina (vaginal opening) – very muscular and has lots of nerve endings
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