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Lecture 10

PSY397H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Creb, Protein Synthesis Inhibitor, Rna Polymerase Ii

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Robert Gerlai

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- CREB (Cyclic AMP response element binding protein) is a transcription factor that is important in
late phase LTP because it triggers the expression of most genes involved in making proteins for
o If the gene is knocked out, it cannot initiate gene expression
o You can inhibit late phase LTP therefore by taking out CREB Kos
- Arc antisense: Arc is a transcription factor that initiates gene expression
o If Arc is removed, it acts as a protein synthesis inhibitor
o It also inhibits late phase LTP if inhibited
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- Genes get over-expressed
- The last type of experiment is called Mimic experiment which mimics a biochemical process
during lTP production
o The CREB protein is produced inn costitutively active form
o If you replace the original CREB gene with a different mutated form that causes CREB to
be constantly active, thus leading to increase in L-LTP induction (This is the mimic
component-here the utated for ii’s CREB)
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- CREB binds to a cAMP response element
- RNA Polymerase II is what leads to mRNA production
- Histones are packaging molecules that keeps DNA compact and wrapped; if DNA is wrapped
around histones, histones cannot make mRNA. The complex interacts with histones, unwraps
them and allows them to make mRNA
- Basically, phosphorylated CREB recruits a complex to the CAMP response element (CRE) in DNA,
and triggers gene expression. Afterwards, CBP, which is an accessory to CREB, faciliatates gene
expression by modulation of RNA polymerase activity and histone acetylation.
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- The CREB protein complex interacts with histones and acetylates it, causing it to make mRNA
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- Do’t orr aout this just ko there are a lot of dai feedak groups that eist.
- CREB is a protein that interacts with DNA, and binds to cAMP; basically CREB physically binds to
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- There are many transcription factors besides CREB that may help L-LTP induction
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