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University of Toronto Mississauga
Ulrich Schimmack

PSY324 lecture 2 and 3 Stipilative definition means everyone can define something in different ways. I may define wellbeing differently than someone else (we have our own stipulative definitions) -Uli defines well being as so and so. Where as the textbook talks about well being as so and so. -the general definiton and general udnerstadning of well being would be descriptive Prototype is the starting point but its not the full construct. Examples: prototype: birds can fly…. What about penguins? Also theres tradeoffs so how do you decide?? it’s a good starting point but not the edn point Ideal prototype: Most extreme positive characteristics Another way is to list definitions or principles that have to do with well being…. Problem is no agreement on lists. Another problem is there is not a deeper meaning to explain why something is on the list Standard provides criteria for determining well being People’s lives are evaluated Evaluation from the outside is using an objective criteria Evaluation from the inside is using a subjective criteria If ur well functioning than happy accoriding to this Well being is maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain Subjectivity does not count, since well being is accepted by society as being desirable Could you choose against pleasure? Continue living real life or hooked up to a machine that stimulates the perfect life of pleasure without pain. Stimulation is made to feel real. Reality is needed. Pleasure from real life counts. Freedom of choice by each person to decide whether life was successful Fulfilled desires are good for wellbeing and unfulfilled desires are bad for wellbeing Fulffing desires never ends because new ones keep coming up Desire fulfillment can lead to goals in happiness Getting rid of desires can also help well being Unfulfilled desires are associated with low wellbeing Desires that are good when fulfilled and those that aren’t Informed desire fulfillment is important, difficult to make an informed fulfillment of a desire Judgi
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