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Stuart Kamenetsky

Psy 345 November 20, 2013 Autism-continued Causation -we are dealing with an assortment of symptoms rather than a disease. Due to this it is hard to figure out what the best treatment is -we really don’t know what the cause is so we are not looking for a cure. What we are doing is looking for ways to treat the symptoms to maximize the individuals well being and keep the person integrated into the fabric of society Intervention -Educational-full range of LRE-children are integrated into general education classrooms, specialized classrooms in general education schools or specialized schools -Behavioral management-ABA (used with older children), IBI (used for younger children. Teach kids concepts about the world), Floor time (a version of IBI, the key difference is we go with the child’s lead as oppose to force the child to learn what we want. The problem is that the child loses their childhood because they are constantly in therapy) -Medication treats the symptoms-there high levels of anxiety, depression, agitation etc..... Sometimes these symptoms are part of the disease and other times they are secondary to the disease. Regardless of the cause these symptoms need to be treated for the well being of the person and the people around them -Psychoanalytical- repair emotional damage. The person undergoes psychoanalysis to cure their repressed emotions. There are few therapists who will use this approach -Facilitative communication-typing to communicate. This was popular in the 70’s. People would type what they wanted to say and this was how they communicated. People who have Autism may prefer to communicate in this manner because it is difficult for them to express themselves verbally. Nowadays people don’t communicate face to face as much. With the advent of cell phone and computers people do not need to be face to face to communicate with each other. -diet-gluten (wheat, protein)-free, casein (dairy, protein)-free- may drug the brain. Some people may be sensitive to these types of proteins and have too much of them. If you get rid of these from your diet then there won’t be a build up of them in the brain. The brain will therefore function better if the person switches to this diet. No species besides humans consumes milk after the baby stage. In the west people consume milk on a daily basis. Some people are sensitive to these proteins and others are not. People that go on these diets report good things such as less hand shaking and reduced anxiety. These diets have helped people who have autism. The research has not consistently shown that all autistic people benefit from these diets. The problem with putting a child on this diet is that they is already use to eating in a certain way. An autistic child is very resistant to change, so changing their diet could be very difficult and cause the child to have and outburst or shut down. Furthermore in order to see the results the child would have to be on this diet for an extended period of time. Lastly the diet can be expensive -Controversial Treatments -Sensory Integration -Tomatis-auditory stimulation-this is based upon the work of Doctor Tomatis. He invented a method where a child and adult sit in a comfortable environment and listen to different sounds in a predictable and purposeful way on a set of headphones. People are able to open up a clinic but they must be certified by the Tomatis organization and purchase the equipment from them. They must also pay royalties to the organization. The problem with this is that people may over sell the benefits in order to make money because this is their livelihood. This treatment is not covered by OHIP. There is anecdotal evidence from parents that there child improved, but there is no empirical evidence that this treatment works. -Snoozalen rooms-audiovisual stimulation, relaxation-A cozy room with carpet and dim light, you can shine lights in different directions, fiber optic cable that allow you to change the light shape and there is soft music that is relaxing in the background. In specialized schools they may have these rooms to help calm a child down when they have an outburst as oppose to medication or restraints. It may reinforce their bad behaviour -Swings- Swings on a swing to help promote kinesthetic movement -Oxygen therapy-provide an enriched oxygen environment to help heal the brain -if you take a north American perspective, OHIP will not cover anything that is not scientifically proven to work. There is no empirically evidence that any of these treatments work. Parents however have the right to pay for any treatment they feel may benefit their child. Exceptionality -Old stereotype-gifted child is weak, socially inept, narrow in interests and emotionally unstable. According to this stereotype if you are extremely smart you will pay the price in other ways. You may be smart but you will be socially awkward. If you are a good athlete then you won’t be good in the classroom. In the real world this is simply not true. There are some people who are smart, beautiful, social etc... There are also those people that are not good at anything or aren’t good looking -New stereotype-gifted child is superior in every way-intelligence, physique, sociability etc...these stereotypes are sometimes depicted in Hollywood movies. They are Amer ican, white, blue eyes, comes from a small town, is a boy, has a little sister, has a challenge but of course overcomes it. This is a stereotype and not reality -In giftedness you are really not guaranteed anything. What actual happens is you compete to get into programs -8 gripes of gifted kids -no one explains what being gifted is all about it is kept a secret. A child that is told they are gifted has no idea what it is. Parents might be proud of it but they don’t want it to get into their child’s head so they don’t become elitist -the stuff we do in school is boring and too easy. They just don’t get why they are in school because they don’t fit in. They get what is being taught when other kids don’t. They don’t do any school work because they don’t need to -Parents, teachers and friends expect us to be perfect and to do our best all the time. These kids are kids and are not perfect. They aren’t well behaved all the time -Kids often tease them about being smart. When you are young in middle school (especially girls) this is not a social advantage. Boys don’t like girls that are smarter than them, because it is intimidating. These kids are teased -friends that understand us are few and far between. These kids are operating at a different level of conversation -we feel too different and wish people would accept us for who we are -we feel overwhelmed by the number of things we can do in life. When you have a choice at many different types of careers it is hard to make a decision. This is overwhelming when you are a child and don’t have the emotionality maturity to deal with it -We worry a lot about world problems and feel helpless to do anything about them. There is not that much that these children can do about this. -it’s not easy at times to be gifted. These kids really stand out and can be very lonely and misunderstood -Characteristics of gifted and talented students -advanced vocabulary-they pick up words very easily -outstanding memory-they possess a lot of information and it sticks. As they get older there is more conversion of this info and they link it together and get a bigger picture -they are curious, asks endless questions (why and then what). This may be difficult for the teacher to move on to the next topic. Other students may not understand what the child is asking so they become lost on the topic. Most children will be satisfied will a simple answer but a gifted child won’t be and will continue to ask more questions -has many interest, hobbies and co
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