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Lecture 8

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Robert Gerlai

Lecture 8: Distinct phases of LTP that are somewhat independent of each other, tested by pharmacological drugs. The different phases are dependent on the tetanic induction, counter intuitively. CaMKII is very important for learning and memory because it acts as a short term memory molecule. 12 subunit multimer. Once activation occurs in one subunit other get activated as well. It is calcium independent and keeps activating NMDA receptor – CaMKII. Catalytic domain is the area that binds to receptor. Regulator domain is the control center of the protein. Retrograde messenger, it goes backwards from post-synaptic to pre-synaptic. Nitric Oxide – NOS synthesizes it, Ca++ and CaM can trigger NOS as well. CO as well. Actinin stabilizes localization of different proteins. There is local protein synthesis in the synapse. Synapses require protein synthesis for changing their shapes. A large number of mRNA is present in synapses, then proteins can be formed in a localized manner inside the synapse in a acti
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