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University of Toronto Mississauga
David Kaden

RLG101H5 Lecture XII #999831240  Karl Marx - religion as an opiate; religion will be useless in classless society  Sigmund Freud - religion is a delusion; father figure; solution = must grow up  Friedrich Nietzsche - Christian God and civilization. Christian concept of god caters to the weak. Either  God will help you  Religion will cater to one's weakness and keeps one down.  Charles Darwin - evolution by natural selection (Closed system, humans are animals)  Christopher Hitchens  Diseases comes from an angry god, personification of everything around a person. Answer to natural phenomenon.  Religion = Belief. Anything science = true, anything not science = false.  Belief leads to absurd notions, if you accept that homo sapiens have been around for 10000 years, then you have to accept that God sit idly by while he watched homo sapiens.  A few thousand years later the deity decides to intervenes in ONE particular area of the world.  Daniel Dennett  Asking religious people to put aside their religious beliefs aside to converse on a different level  Polarizing effect - if you're going to think, you must ditch your religious belief  Explicitly declines a "god say so" argument  Sam Harris  Is too much faith t
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