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Kyle Smith

 Why the protestant… happened in western Europe as it did  Dawn of 16th cent. Everything in W Europe was Roman Catholic (most part of it)  What led to situation of fragmentation (major protestant areas and Roman Catholic)  Number of factors: have growth of powerful nation states o Not holy roman empire tc anymore and last few days of it wasn't even in Rome nor an empire  Have powerful nations growing up with own princes and kings, not one empire in consort with the patriarch or the pope  New colonies, people going out and western Europeans going out and subjugating large parts and continuing on to parts in Africa, south Asia etc  Renaissance is occurring at this point where most of the learned are turning away from medieval aspects and turning back to classic antiquity (Greek, Plato, Aristotle)  Quite a lot of corruption as Roman Catholic Church itself o Had period for 75 years where a bunch of people saying popes and papacy not even in Rome and massive corruption so much that if you wanted to be a bishop, it wasn't through other bishops appointing you cuz of your spiritualness but cuz you paid the right person Martin Luther 1473-1546  Luther didn't set out to found new church or religion, he himself was Catholic, kind of a monk  Talking about reforming the Catholic church, couldn't just leave the church cuz where would you go What made Luther so mad?  In 1510 he was a young monk and went to Rome and was shocked by the corruption that he saw there, corruption of the clergy  A number of priests he got to know and even the pope had multiple children with multiple mistresses, were power hungry etc. and Luther was appalled  Luther was ambitious and educated but not to have mistresses etc on the side  What irked him more than anything else was the sale of i
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