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Week 7 Read Annabel Wharton’s chapter “Spectacularzed Jerusalem : Imperialism, Globalization, and the Holy Land as Theme Park” - For Essay 2!! -What does it mean to be a Christian? Martin Luther King The Martyrs Anthony from Michelangelo The idea of struggle and endurance to follow the steps of Jesus. -When looking at martyrs (dying in the arena) are those people Christians? Who gets to define Christianity? I.e Breivik is not a Christian. Those who commit violence in the name of the religion they are parted apart. Same as with 9/11. Jerusalem – taking back the holy land from Muslims. Breivik’s book : 2083 – the date when Muslims will become a majority in Europe. The importance of symbols : the crosses on Breivik’s uniform. The crosses in Benedict’s clothes. Anti muslim, anti immigrant – Breivik,Serbs organization etc. Knights – they were the most powerful in the monastic order in the middle ages. Their point was not to fight demons but fight Muslims. Travelling was very dangerous ; therefore “banking” started. They acquired huge amounts of lands (they built churches, they had the entire island of Cyprus, built banks etc) Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark – the chelus of Christ. They have all this secret with them – what Dan Brown plays with at the Da Vince Code. The English Defence League- supposedly Christians . The st George flag. Shield Cross of the Tutonic Order – a symbol for another group of Germans. Also, for Hitler. The speech Hitler gave: “…. By warding off the Jews I am fighting for the Lord’s work” Franz Jaeggerstatter – he did not fight for the Hitler’s army. Why is Jerusalem so important to Christians? The places of the Martyrs The place where Jesus got crucified The empty tomb in Jerusalem (Read the Peter Brown’
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