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British Christian Missionaries Ram Mohan Roy + the Brahmo Samaj Sri RamaKrishna and Swami Vivekananda British South Asia 1750-1947 The British made their capital in Calcutta and at first, refused to let Christian missionaries practice in the Calcutta area. Baptist Protestant missionaries did settle across the river from Calcutta, in Serampore; they denounced the caste system and the worship of Idols, eventually creating a dialogue with elitist Hindus Ram Mohan Roy (1772-1833) and the Brahmo Samaj Ram Mohan Roy is heralded as the first reformer of Hindu tradition-Zaehner pp.150 Ram Mohan Roy was born to a wealthy, high caste Hindu family-Kulin Brahman At age 12 he was sent to Patna, Bihar, a center of Muslim learning to learn Persian, which the British maintained as the language of administration for non-English speaking peoples. There, he also learned Arabic. Also, he became a radical monotheist and hence, against image (Idol) worship. At age 15 Ram Mohan returned home, where he argued with his father about Idol Worship this caused him to leave home. Ram Mohan traveled to Tibet, then he settled in Benares, where he learned Sanskrit and studied the Upanishads-Vedanta He held that the concept of Brahman, as the one, the godhead predated image worship-also, no caste system-hence, Vedanta was the essence of Hindu tradition before it became corrupted. In 1803, his father died + Ram Mohan returned to Calcutta, where he was a revenue officer for the East India company (British) In 1803, he wrote a gift for the monotheists, in Persian, which argued for
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