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Lecture 8

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Cary Takagaki

07032012 Buddhism lecture 8 notesChapters 7 and 9Chapter 9 Buddhism in japanall countries have their indigenous religionswhen Buddhism comes to a new country it under goes some changesbuddhism moved from Indian to Tibet china to korea to japanbuddhism came to china at the beginning of the common era the Han dynastythe Chinese had sophisticated philosophical and cultural550 in the common era it comes to chinathe Japanese are far behind in terms of culture hunter gatherer the Chinese were more philosophical and had already had their own language the Chinesefar more advanced than the Japanesethe Japanese had their own religion called Shinto the way of the godsjapanese indigenous religion pg275sun god mood good Etc any natural object can be said to house a godanything for example a tree or a rock which house gods demarcated with ropeShintothen Buddhism comes to japan in 552 of the common era Buddhism comes to japannihongi chroncles of japan story of the king of korea and said that Buddhism can create merit and material possessionsall the great civilizations have accepted Buddhism so korea should as well Advisors to the emperor pg275 three main clans who were the most important advisers to the emperor the mononobe clan armorers the military dont w
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