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Lecture 4

RLG314H5 Lecture 4: Adam and Eve

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Karen Ruffle

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014
RLG316 Week 4 Lecture Notes
-Adam and eve stories
take part of genesis that Adam has to toil and Eve has to make it up to Adam
it is not going to be fun times in the Garden of Eden anymore
we project onto these narratives
we overlay all these moral qualities on to Adam and Eve
religious thinkers are saying do Adam and Eve had to make all these choices
-they had to make the choices
-do Adam and Eve have that morality to make the choices ?
-essentialism= woman is made of blood or instead of clay and water and therefore
her moral makeup is different
going to shut down the creative writing, thinking, reading
make it as a challenge
The Lilic story is a midrash of a midrash
-there is not 1 explanation of the biblical narrative
-instead there could be many
-there is a reference to a text of this first biblical narrative
-the stories of creation (genesis 1 and genesis 2 )
-1st story of creation
-is told in the perspective that they were both equal
-created in a order to be together with Adam
-No human being is created first
-he human being are created out of the image of God
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