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18 Apr 2012

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War and Peace
November 22, 2011
Weber (cont'd)
- W thought that social condition (way we are social) consistently degenerate from
position of authority into some individuals having raw power and refusing to change
- as long as ppl believe in authority, their actions have meaning
- what goes wrong is when individuals we follow cease to be meaningful, fair
legitimate, honest (end up with indiv. who exercise power)
- society that loses all values except power
- Protestantism provided moral basis for hardworking entrepreneurs (capitalism
degenerating into goal-oriented system = called rationalization)
- Weber said the modern era: "specialist without spirit, sensualist without heart, this
nothing that thinks it has achieved highest occupation"
War and Peace
- war= legalized murder
- double-edged sword of society: social animals have boundaries, those boundaries
become so powerful that the dont often want others to enter their boundaries
- women potent in stopping war b/c fed up of seeing children killed and being
trained to kill
Political Economy
- most wars about resources
- corporate power in modern world
Social Constructionists
- language of war
- how do you keep people believing in the war?
- propaganda (became an art in the US, they were so good at it)
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