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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 Notes Part 2

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David Brownfield

Lecture 5 October 11, 2012 Midterm next week: 2 pages per essay, single spaced, focus on Chapters 2 & 4 in the Dallas; write essay on either: research methods (chapter 2)  Authors make claim that studying deviance is an illusive topic  Be familiar with the different methods of measuring deviance know the advantage and disadvantages o For example interviewing uses the snowball sample which allows an interviewer to contact more subjects, case studies OR Chapter 4 (be familiar with the functionalist perspective)  Functionalist like to view society as an institutional whole; governments and others are just parts of a whole  Argue that societies have a different set of needs from individuals; argue that crime can serve a useful function for society  Functionalists argue that there is an evolutionary pattern in society  McCormick summarized functions of deviance: the collective values and norms are strengthened in society through deviance, these moral imperatives and rules of society are sharpened when there are violations to rules, deviance functions to make society closer  Functionalist perspective promotes a holistic perspective and doesn’t recognize group variations  Tend to dismiss or ignore conflict in society – do not recognize the role of confl
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