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Measuring the Social World Soc222 Lec#1 - Statistics: are mathematical procedures that allow you to draw conclusions about your data. - Data analysis: Arithmetic: - All squared #’s are positive o -3^2 = 9 - Also check summation rules o Add up everything after this sign. After the sigma sign - See Kranzle:r ch 5 pg:24, 18 Levels of measurement: - What is level of measurement? o Ratio: counts or quantities. Meaningful “zero” (zero= means none) o ^ Math: add, subtract, multiply, divide (arithmetic)  Rank order: order them  Compare: are the two number same or different o ordinal: relative quantities o Math^  Rank order: they just represent relative amounts of something. A bigger # rep. there is more of it. A smaller number means there is less of it. divide into categories and compare the categories with one another, example worker, manager, boss. Then compare risk of injury.  Compare: look at number  Ordinals numbers are limiting in comparison to ratio numbers o Nominal:  Similarities and differences  These numbers have no ranked order • Jewish:1, Hindo:2, Islam:3 • There is no significanc
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