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7 Jan 2011

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Durkheim on religion continued
-Marx, weber, Durkheim ; secular perspective yet took religion seriously
-images on lenin in Moscow argue Durkheim drew parallels between religions as we get it
traditionally and certain aspects were becoming more dominant
- auguste comte coined phrase of socio will became new relgion
-the old gods are growing old or are already dead and the others are not yet born
-the new ones are not yet born Durkheim means as old forms leave, new forms replace it for
binding communities
-difference between religion and civic religion (Religion vs religion)
-all theorists saw religion as something important in regards to its social context
-attachment to religion
-civic relgion civic rituals etc ceremonies any form of activity which is distinctively set apart
from everyday
-altho durkhiem is right that effects of these activities create conflict and cohesion but they also
bind ppl from one group to another but at the same time sets them apart
-religion and civic religion all religions have to address what happens when ppl die (civic
religions dont)
-society metaphor of natural organism he says society is like a living thing
-institutions as body parts = healthy body (family parts of society means healthy)
- Functions of institutions multiple Durkheim is not teleological
-multiple functions dont confuse with cause and effect -
-no teleology intended effects are not causes
-modern state according to Durkheim goal a well integrated regulated society without social
inequality and injustice cohesive society
-what are conditions to have a well regulated society that isnt anomic
Painting about paul Gauguin French painter where do we come from what are we
where are we doing he introduced new forms went to Tahiti living in simple way
The legacy of classical socio theory individual and society relationship
Marx humans make history but not under conditions of their own, environment, globalization
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