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Paula Maurutto

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November 19 notes
Through a blue lens 1999 film
Test 2 sections 2 questions, one worth 10percent one is 15percent essay style for both
Topics include
crime prevention thru social development
Community policing
Policing and private security
Situational crime prevention
Gated communities
Broken windows and zero tolerance
-Policing front line in east side
-cop takes pictures of victims Shannon 6mths later drugs addictive
-msg out to kids – real life images - effects
-show videos of actual ppl low quality of life
-poverty disaffiliation and personal vulnerability – reasons for homelessness
-broken windows and crime prevention downwards spiral – fight disorder that comes
before crime if you dont tolerate certain characteristics then ppl will conduct
themselves properly
Nymbyism not in my backyard fear of disorder and broken windows perceived
effects feeds attitude of nybmy example of ppl trying to avoid shelters in their
Public space isnt for everyone undesirables exclusionary
Bum proofing –mike davis city of quartz low intensity warfare on homeless including
police harassment/sprinklers on city parks etc for benching avoid sleeping on it
urban design tactics
Homeless ppl are criminalized exclude them
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