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Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Nicole Myers

SOC323 NOVEMBER 1, 2012- lecture 7 Ontario’s Safe Streets Act  Squeegee kids- clean cars on streets- they dress crazy-  Characteristics- their appearance was very powerful and intimidating  Majority of the squeegee people are boys but there is a proportion that are females  Majority in Toronto are aged 16-25 but you do see some older people trying to earn money this way as well  Most of these kids were homeless- 34% had no shelter at all sleeping under bridges or on the sidewalk  Definition of Soliciting o Sitting on the ground with a sign or putting out your hand or hat for money is solicitation not just asking someone for money  The safe streets act prohibits solicitation in an aggressive manner o Threatening the person, following people or blocking their way to get money- also any use of abusive language is considered aggressive manner and is prohibited by the safe streets act. o Sitting on the side is allowed but not in the middle of the sidewalk- you cant solicitate when intoxicated and also you are not allowed to ask more then once for money  It prohibits a captive audience o Cant ask a person waiting or using a teller machine- or waiting to use a telephone- soliciting a person in a space where they are not allowed to get away are prohibited  Arrest without warrant- this means police have the right to arrest a person if they believe a person is about to commit a crime- also if they think detention is needed to identify a person- and they can also be arrested so that they don’t repeat the crime  The act came in 2001 and have a bit of a criminal law orientation to it even though it is not the criminal law  It is part of the highway traffic act  Many say that the safe streets act is targeted towards homeless people and squeegee kids specifically  A really homeless person can be seen as a solicitor even if they are not asking for money- solicitation has a defining character and if you have any similarities you could be mistaken for it  People said that under the acts the place named where you could panhandle were too narrow- it meant that besides those areas you could panhandle anywhere else you wanted  An act is so rigid that anyone close to these areas that are prohibited are under the scrutiny of the police  Many argues that this law is close to vagrancy laws- which made an offence t
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