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Lecture 2

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Baljit Nagra

SOC341-CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN THE SOCIOLOGY OF WORK LECTURE 2: 1/13/14 1) Race is a product of colonialism : Europeans thought they discovered subspecies of humans and there was a hierarchy in this and all other groups were inferior to them 2) The emergence of race is directly connected to power relations: since they thought they were superior, it was justification for stealing resources and doing whatever they wanted 3) Racial designation typically implies inferiority: when you radicalize someone you are giving an inferior status (biologically, culturally, intellectually) 4) The unworthiness attached to race is inherent: it’s natural and is not going to change. (ex. Slavery: ppl from AfricaEuropeans thought they were better, and mentally and physically inferior, making the blacks feel dehumanized Important Components to Race -racism is typically differentiates btw ppl on the basis of outward physically characteristics such as skin color, hair texture and facial features (religion: anti-semetism) -evaluates their intellectual and cultural characteristics as being inferior or superior on the basis of these superficial characteristics -the process of racialization is historically specific so that the meaning given to bodily features vary over time and space -what characteristic becomes most overt depends on a range of political, economic, social and other factors Movie: A Class Divided -national brotherhood week: don’t treat the Indians and the black ppl like brothers -black ppl are niggas, and that because they are a different color they don’t get anything in this world bc they are different colors -teacher does experiment based on eye-color: blue-eyed vs. brown eyed ppl -the class flips and treats the brown-eyed children as outcasts: less recess time, no drinking fountain, no seconds at lunchtime -roles reversed the next day: brown-eyed ppl were now better than the blue-eyed ppl -showed it was historically specific and race is socially constructed -affected their self-worth and intellectual ability apparent when they did the flash cards and when they were superior their times were faster than when they were inferior Racism -racism included a number of related elements: 1) Ideologies (theories and common sense) 2) Attitudes (prejudices and stereotypes) 3) Behaviors or practices (individual and institutional) -Canada was founded as a racial stateidea that it’s a colonial state; Europeans were superior to First Nations ppl and this superiority lead to the control over land, genocide, rape, stripping them of their resources -Hage (1998): nation states such as Canada ‘fantasies’imagined to be a white country -never a reality bc there is always First Nations ppl here and there were always ppl here from radicalized groups -Bennedict Anderson (1991): nations states are often “imagined communities” -The “two founding nations” metaphor has been called to question -the Chinese played huge role in building the Canadian railway Canadian Identity -at the heart of the imagine ‘Canadian community’ was the notion that Canada was a white man’s country -Canada’s national identity was historically defined as ‘white’ despite the ongoing vitality of first nation communities and the presence of the early immigrants from places like Asia -this imagined ‘white’ nation was tied to the discourse that certain races not suited for citizenship, thereby justifying their mistreatment and subordination -some groups seen as desirable for immigration and as good workers and should be encouraged to come -some regarded as ‘racially unsuitable for life in Canada’ and should be prevented from coming -these often were non-European non-white groups who were defined as unable to assimilate and unsuitable for permanent settlement -picture shows differences among clothing, the sign shows the Asian does lower-class work -the European is above the Chinese man showing that he is better -looks like he is pushing him away into the harbor Movie: Shadow of Golden Mountain -clip shows that the Chinese labor was better than no labor at all -First came in 1858, directly related to the Frasier Valley Gold Rush (4000 ppl) -when they heard of the GRush they came from California -at that time, China was very poor at that time -initially allowed to work, and used for back breaking jobs, such as clear forests (NOT ENOUGH WHITE LABOR AT THAT TIME) - after the GRush ended in 1965, and unable to find employment, they started to look for work elsewhere (laundry mats, farms, restaurants) and this is when white workers started to feel threatened and the hostility against Chinese took off -mvmt to stop Chinese immigrants was in place -The building of the Canadian Railway was important for 2 Reasons: 1) BC to be connected to rest of country for confederation (through the railway) 2) needed for the economy: from fur trade
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