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Reza Barmaki

The Problem of Order Modern Industrial Capitalism 15 century onward Collapse of feudal order o Agriculture based Rapid industrialization of economy (rapid rise) Rise of capitalism Urbanization o Large, populated cities Child labour Problem of order from all these little problems New & complex problems Problem of order o Political, social, economic, ethical Poverty, crime, ethnic, conflict, racism, health (physical & mental), unemployment, child labour, prostitution, demonstrations Industrial capitalism gives many items to steal now Growth of society brought upon a lot of problems Problem of youth gang emerges Problem of racism Problem of theft Problem of poverty Etc. SociologyCriminology rise from these problems Feudal Society Social hierarchy based on status Bound to status groups Status: permanent o Noble, warrior, peasant, slave Laws protected: boundaries, privileges, duties Social vertical and horizontal mobility What happens to the old people? Back then families would take care of their elders but not much now Colonialism Need for raw material Getting rid of surplus population Ex: Sending unwanted people to Canada, New Zealand, Australia Many crimes were committed Natives of Canada What are we going to do with these people already on the land? Initial plan was to kill them all but too many so failed Developed other plans such as exclusion Savages are being civilized in residential schools Had all these problems in the Western world so theres an urgent need for: Reformremedy Social control Social Sciences emerged to help with these problems Sociology, Criminology, Psychoanalysis, etc. Need to create a new order
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