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Lecture 1 notes

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John Kervin

SOC 361 ORGS & IR Session #1a INTRO to the COURSE & ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Topics: Course Information Organizations Sociology of Organizations Definitions: Org Structure Hovey and Beard Company Importance of Org Structure Notes for todays reading chap 1 & 2: P. 17 can see the overview of the book Read overview and summary at end of chapter first then read chapter Chapter 1: o 3 sections o 1 why studying org. is useful. P. 2 nd o 2 discuss affects org has on indiv, communities, society and world. Whats missing is the affect on org on other org, this does happen with org within same sector, industry or country. Eg. TA strikes at UTM affects how UrdT discuss contracts o 3 how do we define org, enormous variation across diff types of org. 3 levels org gets studied (p. 16) Chapter 2: lay out analysis of org o Begins with org structure and nature of structure relate this to ideas of social structure from other soc classes taken and how it shows up in org o Structure of org and structure of building good analogy o Compare definition they give of org structure to lecture o Early research and sociological research both on explaining structure and how relate to org performance o Complexity, formalization and socialization(?) read closer and see how th related to one another in 5 section are they independent of each other are complex org always centralized? Question of the week: p. 7 do EEs have power to change org structureculture and is power threaten by EEs of non-standard work? Norms of org is part of the structure, can affect training and promotion opportunity dont get promoted if dont get training Certain groups of ppl dont get training
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