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Lecture 8

SOC371H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Prison Sex, Experiential Learning, Blackboard

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Philip Goodman

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SOC371 – Prison Tourism and Penal Spectorship
- There is a blackboard discussion board question if you want to get participation marks instead
of participating in lecture
- Bonus assignment for the SIU tomorrow between 8pm-10pm (Check BlackBoard for details)
To Tour or Not to Tour
- Some (assumed) benefits of academic prison tours which are not necessarily all true:
Experiential learning (applying concepts to the ‘real world’ )
Countering stereotypes
Catering to student demand, interest
Vocational aspects
Chance to interact with those doing time
Coming to terms with the punitive state
- But prisons tours are highly scripted to frame certain aspects onto the viewers, basically the
facility shows the viewers what they want to show the viewers what they want to see
They frame certain themes and thoughts onto the viewers and skew their image, this is
essentially manipulation
For some example, when people are taken on tours, many people taken on tours don’t
have enough wisdom to unpack the content and properly critique
People are encouraged to see the prison or jail as the ‘other’, normal people are
outsiders and the prisoners inside are others, essentially it’s like being in a zoo, as we are
observers and those within the prisons are being watched on, there is an issue of de-
humanization and ethics
But these high orderly scripts are used for control purposes, this is for safety reasons,
it’s not to make the prison just sound good and orderly, but also strict to emphasize its
danger, and it is, these prison protocols do have legitimization
Penal Spectatorship, Part 1: Schrift on Angola
- Posing as progressive
- What kind of rehab, is this?
- Exploits and ridicules
- Stereotypes about prison sex
- Spectator, tourist (what is the rodeo inviting us to do?)
Is race a significant variable? In the Rodeo show, prison was predominantly of
African-American, though, those who participated were majorly white, can this be
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