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Visual Culture and Communication
Amish Morrell

Friday January 13 2012LEC2VCC201 Images Power and Politicsmovie clip distinction between cult value in the painting and how it changes affects of value how seeing images on television shifts their meaning how its presented is important Seeing the original context is being changed original and cult value is being replaced by market value Idea of exhibition value is very important here we only see the world through systems of representationKey Termsrepresentationphotographic truthpositivismsemioticssignssignifiersignifiedindex icon symbolconnotation and denotationideologycultural iconsEX Rene Magritte The Human Condition 1931seeing the world as images displaying certain meanings what is socially acceptable how those images structure the world for us The Sign signifiedpicture of treesignifier treethe line in the middle is a gapwe can always change the signifierthere is no relationship between the two slippage between signifier and signified EX 1Marlboro masculinitymarlboro as masculinity
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