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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
African Studies
Thembela Kepe

AFSA01- Lec 6  He has to write the first African novel right, and do justice to the way people themselves would tell stories.  Pg 96 – Characteristics of oral story-telling culture: short, concrete imagery, action-filled, at the centre there is conflict, repetitive and memoric.  This is a trickster story, there is pleasure in the story.  Famine and feasting are a big part of the Umofia area, so the story is based on things that people know.  Time and place are made up  Lots of dialogue, characters are types (the coward, the strong)  Simple sentences and additive sentences Achebe’s Style of Writing  - sentences are additive  -short  Characters are revealed in conflict  Characters are types – Okonko is the strong man who is afraid of being weak  His style echoes oral story telling: he is writing about people who don’t have novels or literacy to do justice  There is repetition in his writing (Okonkwo’s son Nwoye, tortoise the cunning, etc.)  You are the stories that people tell a
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