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ANTA01H3 Lecture Notes - General Idea, Homo Heidelbergensis, Common Chimpanzee

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Genevieve Dewar

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Video: Anthropology
Life in trees & the primates
How they define social boundaries(each specie)
General idea & Mode of locomotion lemur
o Long snot
o Strong grasp to hop from tree
o Scent marking on wrist
o Judge distance of a jump and grasp uphold when they land
o Long dis portioned legs helps them jump
o Nocturnal: don’t sleep at night
Better chance of survival
o Use scent to mark territory
o Colour blind cant check food is good or not
o Smell food good sense in smell
Versus General idea & Mode of locomotion monkey
o sleep at night
o marking with scented urine
o shrieking to scare predators
o backing up genitals against predators
o biggest one/strength wins the lady
o bigger the monkey more difficult to move though branches to get fruit= grasping tail
o good sense in smell=food checking
o check by colour to see if food is good
o eyebrow raise=threat from baboons
live on ground
Social order of higher primates male & female
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