ANTA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: The World Academy Of Sciences, Frontal Bone, Motion Capture

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ANTA01 – Lecture 7 – Film: Discovering Ardi
Where do we come from?
oA profound human question
We humans are so different from the animal world
oHuman beings evolved through natural selection but he didn’t have the
human fossils to support it
Fossil evidence found that Darwin could have dreamed of that dates 4.4 million
years: Ardipithecus
International team of scientists have made a discovery in Ethiopia
oRecovered a partial skeleton that dates 4.4 million years ago closer to a
common ancestor we share with the apes
Tim White
oPart of the research team
oSediments under many volcanic ashes, fossil bones are found
The team is looking for ancient human ancestors
oLies in the horn of Africa
oA place with desserts, highlands, and vast lakes
oCrossroads or early cultures and religions
oFar deeper existence of humans here
“Australopithecus afarensis” nicknamed Lucy
oA fossil discovery – a partial skeleton of a human ancestor was found
oLast common ancestor would be halfway of modern humans and
oOnce analyzed and interpreted it was found that she did not mark this
halfway point, she walked upright on 2 legs so she belonged on our
branch, the “hominid”
Why do we humans walk so differently from other animals
oWe would have to find earlier answers than Lucy to find the answer
A child’s jaw with baby molars were found which was also a major discovery
oLater, a set of teeth was found all from the same individual during a 100%
oThey had discovered an ancient hominid that was even before Lucy
oKnown as Ardipithecus ramidus
No skeleton was found in the 17 skeletons and needed more
oMost of the bodies were immediately ravaged by hyenas so the chances
were very low in the site they were trying to find skeletons i
oThey found finger bones
They had more than just a head
oThey then find a leg bone which was very fragile
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