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18 Apr 2012

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Lecture Eight-Primitives and Moderns?
Key Terms
“Primitive” or traditional versus Modern
Modern versus contemporary
Linear time
what it means to be primitive and what it means to be modern
- moral judgment of ppls cultures
- its coming from an ethnocentric point of view
-modern and. Contemporary
-modern to mean now, but in social science it means certain kinds of cultures that have certain ways of
organizing themselves
-modern is the opposite of traditional
-modern cultures categorized by rational vs. religious beliefs
-in this day and age use the word contemporary
-time is teleological. Time is moving towards a goal. We tend to think of our movement as progress. We
are building on the past to be better
- Past technology was simpler. We image future with sophisticated technology
-we tend to think that humans become more rational as time progresses
-where did the idea of linear time as progress come from
-in the 1800s. Time was religious. Re
-Religion gave background for time western point of view
-time began with creation. There will be a time in the future when time will end
-divided time into ancient time which was time of pharos, then medieval time, then modern time.
-in the mid 19 th century. Darwin's discovery of evolution made it seem that time was not 4 thousand years
-the was time before history began
-there was prehistory. It implies that there was time before literacy.
-history was what was written down according to Judeo-Christian religion
-it blew everyone off that we had no writing of pre-history
-when the European came in contact with ppl that didn't have written history were considered prehistory
therefore they were primitive
-they were seen as outside of history
-they were living fossils. Early anthropologists thought that by studying these ppl then we could find out
abt what happened in pre history
- some started to believe that since they were primitive they needed to be bought into modern time
-aboriginal means at the origin of time
-Nostalgia: desire to connect with the past.
Questions about The Couple in a Cage
What does the exhibit remind you of? Have you ever seen anything like it? Where?
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