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4 Apr 2011
Anthropology March 29 Lecture
Burgois main argument is found on page 143
1)People of el barrio are victims of social margenilization/structural oppression
2)They embrace it because they think that’s how they can fight it
3) While embracing it they become perpetuations of their own person
We’ll be focusing more on how it affects women
Viable form of masculinity
They react to inability to deal with el barrio by doing it
Slide:gender and search for respect
Abandonment and all those listed are seen as normal for them
They deny their vulnerability by lashing out others
These women suffer so much violence
Women aren’t just passive victims. These women are in the midst of carving out
everyone else
Burgois didn’t have access to a lot of women to do the ethnography so he really focused
on Candy cause she was the only one he could talk to because for them men can only
hang out with women they’re having sex with.
Candy is exceptional because she does what men do (sell crack, shots, etc)
But at the same time Candy is typical in the sense that she’s the Puerto Rican.
She’s the wife of the game room owner. She has 5 kids.
She finds husband having affair with her sister so he shots him in stomach. Doesn’t kill
him. She gets away with it.
She gets busted for having 2 social securities because on one she’s collecting welfare, the
other to work. So then she starts selling crack at the night shift in the game room. Then
falls madly in love. She gets busted for selling crack in daytime. Then goes to court with
skin tight red jump suit (remember how judge was appalled but candy was in awe
because she borrowed money to get the best presentable outfit) She gets bail. Then gets
What can we learn from Candy’s story:
She performs masculinity and its easy to see masculinity when you cant see it.
She temporarily embarks patriarch, in doing so she gains economy activity. Shes loud,
proud, defiant, and most importantly inspires fear.
She knows to intimidate people with violence.
She takes on a macho persona.
She follows on a very masculine script by saying how primo had sex with her and
continues to want it from her, like what a guy would do.
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