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21 Mar 2012

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Lecture 8 Global Love and Marriage
Russian Mail order
- can tie in with orientalism
- representation of advertisement, globalization
e.g. EU commercial
westernization encloses the other countries
- woman was “taming” the “barbarians/savages”
- woman as calm, cool, collected character
- 3 characters represent: China, India, Brazil
no longer backwards but now a threat to us EU (standardized
global homogenous reproduction of all of us)
- the audience is assumed and intended to be refugees, migrants, the young
people, etc.
- The more we are, the stronger we are
o European commission advertisement
o Link to orientalism and globalization ^
- a very cultural-concept
- is it about love? Is it about two individuals coming together? Is it a legal
contract between equal partners?
- i.e. in Chinese culture, women are not respected until they get married and
have a child
- in most societies is about two families/households coming together
- also about elite families coming together as it makes a public statement
about their relationships with one another (continuity of class/status
become important)
- linked to ideas around Kinship
- marrying outside their kin group shameful in someone’s eye
- provides the cultural rules for marriage
- determines how people are connected to each other who one can marry,
who will become the next ruler, who’s one’s ancestors/ gods are, where
authority is deferred to one’s inheritance, moral obligations and duties in
their literature
- is not only about “blood” ties or tracing genealogical ties to a line of descent
*Alliance Theory (Levi Strauss)
- French structuralist anthropology
- Challenges descent theory
- He regards the development of alliances between groups through the
exchange of women, as the fundamental fact of kinship
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