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22 Apr 2012

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Summarize the papers
To work thud the questions will ask paperspecificquestions need
Need to rmbrthe names of the author's
Thesis based questions on the articles
Anthropology tut
Need to make links
Thing about organ theft question of the limits of capitalism (lassie fairs, pure profit by explotation of
labor ) what happens whensocial institutions collapse, bussinessabout expropriating from other
furthering own interest which has a transnational element, profits are hugherthan risks
Have money coming into state existing to maintain businesses value from west. Do not function shows
the collapse of limits of body value of relationships business over others businesses. Of commodity flow
of simple goods. If to read this article first will see interesting. Connections states,
global,love,marriage,establishment norms thud state, security relation of govt control of space by state
(gregory ethnography) state is useful to think of global implications. Also different is that they discuss
death (read Sheppard hughes) in France estate of dead person the policy whohe owed money to could sell
parts of body, body was of state.
Thinking about war as a commercial resource, allows the movement of goods, circulate things in the
economy. War is big business for invaders, why is it beneficial to stay in a state of War? > states of War,
part of separation (1984) just to keep each other separate to avoid collaboration nothing and South Korea
arbitrary separation. Commercial resource
Last last week, the law.
What is the law good for, what's it for.
Maintain order,in capitalist world is to control the masses. How do you maintain such a system of
inequality, police for, to keep the poor disciplined, instill fear ppl at top to control them. USA most
unequal society in world, create laws to expropriate a pop and confine them. Interesting when see these
laws in a targeted way,is a political statement, happens on the sense thatched law is equaling. But no,
existence of legal system means discrimination. Law is a good way to tie in articles
Articles and states help tiring articles,
Question about the assumptions of globalization
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