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ANTB21H3 Lecture Notes - Physiognomy, Ingroups And Outgroups, Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce

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Alejandro Paz

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ANTB21 Week 12: Finishing power and Review
Review session April 24th, Tuesday 10-12pm.
Final exam April 28th, 9-10:30 MW 170.
1. 2 aspects of power coercion and consent = shaping the trajectory (what will
emerge, etc.)
2. standard officially-authorized register = correct/more efficient
3. racial and class characteristics of standard
- standard or marked = from CIBC advertising campaign: expands on who
can fit in the standards
- dual process of unmarking in north America
o less marked = acquiring certain styles and associating with it
o check slide*
4. there are two tendencies for using language as groups distinguish themselves
and institutions (centripetal and centrifugal forces)
5. sociolinguistic variation is a dynamic process by which language changes as
it is used
power and sociolinguistic variation
- centripetal and centrifugal forces = moving away and moving towards a
certain arch both at the same time. subgroups in every society on how
they speak
- powerful institutions, actors help move these subgroups towards the
norm while they tend move away from it sometimes *
- we orient to this kind of way speaking you grew up talking in this way.
- unconsciously
Sociolinguistic variation
- e.g. new yawkez pronouncing aw, garden, park, sort, etc.
- socioeconomic indicators (class background) and pronunciation of r
= positively correlated: low socio. Pronounces r far less while high
socio. Pronounces r more.
= Incredible variation in new york in regards of pronunciation of r, but
everyone is still oriented to the standard
= related to speaking ing in formal environment VS –in’ in more
casual environment
= new york accent became associated with immigration VS western
accent pure white
- accent ideological term of speaking the non-standard way *
- moving away from the normal powerful institutions, actors, etc. who
push you in acting/talking in certain way/creates and recreates social
- E.g. Key and Peele dialing it up to ‘scare’ certain people and not dialing it
up to not be part of out group society
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