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Can Attitudes Be Changed?  there are four major theories which show attitude can change: CONSISTENCY LEARNING SOCIAL FUNCTIONAL THEORY THEORY JUDGEMENT THEORY assumes that individuals need stimulus prior attitudes consistency influence change the between attitude other perception of and behaviour stimulus to persuasive (cognitive create an messages and questions the THEORY dissonance emotional influence that purpose of INFO theory) response persuasion attitudes create an inconsistency in change knowledge and attitude by behaviour; using change attitude creating consistency is classical and by taking in inconsistency HOW IT restored by operant fair and between an CHANGES changing conditioning unbiased attitude and its ATTITUDE attitudes techniques messages functions students are rewarded for students may students are good think uniforms asked to present behaviour; evaluate new are nerdy but a topic which is punished for opinions for learn they opposite their bad fairness and contribute to EXAMPLE own beliefs behaviour bias safety The Psychology of Marketing: How It Changes Our Minds  marketing experts are able to change attitudes in order to have people but their products  ex: Volkswagen’s Fun Experiment: people changed their behaviour, as they were more likely to go up the stairs than the elevator, when the stairs were in the design of a piano keyboard, and made sound as people went up the steps/keys  government campaigns have changed our attitudes on garbage an
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