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Ethical Guidelines in Sociology  ethical guidelines were created to help sociologists carry out their research professionally, and with integrity and honesty in order to minimise harm  ethical guidelines help sociologists make ethical judgements about their research and their research subjects  for their work to be valid, sociologists must demonstrate that they have followed the guidelines when they set up and carried out their research  the guidelines view the sociological research design and way it is used to be just as important as the proper treatment in the research subjects Ethical Guidelines in Research  the International Sociological Association’s Code of Ethics provide specific guidelines to direct research:  sociologists are expected to cooperate on the basis of scientific correctness alone (no discrimination of age, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, language, religion, political views)  group work, cooperation, and mutual exchanges among sociologists are necessary for sociology to achieve its ends (sociologists should discuss their work and the works of others among themselves)  sociologists should be aware their assumptions may have an impact on society (need to have unbiased view)  sociologists should act with a view to maintain the image and the integrity of their own discipline (don’t abandon critical approaches toward fundamental assumptions) Ethical Guidelines for Research Subjects  ethical guidelines help protect research subjects—sociologists must behave appropriately toward the people and groups they’re studying  informed consent is important—research subjects should know who the sociologist is, their qualifications, sponsor of the experiment, and research goals  there are some cases where deception is
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