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The Power of Music  music relates to cognition and affects the brain  listening to music increases important aspects of our biology such as production of oxytocin, antibodies, serotonin, and key neurotransmitters  the brain has the ability to “template match”—if rock music is played using different instruments than usual (like a steel drum), we still recognize it as rock  the brain and music have co-evolved What is the Link between Music, Personality, and Behaviour?  on the surface, the relationship between music choice and personality is quite circular (the music you listen to is due to your personality)  however, the music you listen to can also influence your behaviour  ex: many choose to select songs to modify their mood (they select songs depending on how they want to feel)  studies show that those who listen to violent music, they were more likely to have feeling of hostility even in situations that posed no real threat  therefore, music choice may influence a person`s perception of others, their social interactions, and even whether they develop an aggressive personality Internet Communication  because the internet is still relatively new, it`s hard to identify any of its long-term effects on personality  North Americans are addicted to email, and email can cause stress  most people check emails more often than they believe they do  most people don`t communicate as effectively over email, causing stress for the sender and receiver, since lack of body language cues make it difficult to convey emotions such as anger and humour  employees are now supplied with Smartphones, which makes employees feel they have to answer text messages and calls even during off-work hours  most people are addicted to emails because they hope to find legitimate emails from friends looking to chat (despite most emails in truth are chain mail and spam)  there are many ways to express identity on the web, and we all have different aspects of our identities that we show depending on the situation; however, the internet is a space that allows us to explore our various identities  the anonymity and invisibility of the internet gives us a sense of disconnect from our `real-world personality  the l
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